Friday, February 21, 2014


Derek stood in the cool darkness of the night and waited. He had spent weeks mining every fan site, music news program, entertainment magazine with even the vaguest hint to her whereabouts. All of that time and effort led to him finding himself here in the light rain and thick fog of the San Francisco suburbs.

He knew no sane man would be doing what he proposed tonight. He knew no normal, everyday well-adjusted observer of pop culture would be so easily ensnared by all of the hype and hyperbole attendant with being a star of her caliber. What he knew was one thing while what he felt for her was an entirely different matter. He was no longer capable of denying his feelings and tonight he would transcend the ranks of those who merely fancied her and ascend to the level of prominence in her life he truly deserved.

He had first seen her in a music video while channel-surfing in the wee hours of a sleepless night. From that moment, she was not some pretty face and passable voice to him. She was…a goddess…an icon…the altar upon which he would sacrifice anyone and anything to never have to live a single day for the rest of his life without some semblance of her in it.

His home media library included ever known recording of her music. He had each of the five cinematic appearances she had made in every known format in which they had been released. The Internet provided him clips of her interviews, awards- ceremony speeches, public service announcements and, even, the dozen or so commercials for various products she had done in Japan when her quest for exposure had been at its greatest.

He had scrapbooks filled with every print interview, newspaper story, magazine photo spread or material of any sort found in any other hardcopy source with even a scintilla of a connection to her. Those books were shelved next to the ones containing the ticket stubs and programs from each and every one of the 27 concert appearances of hers he had attended on three continents.

He had, of course…of necessity, written her many a letter extolling not only the depths of his reverence for her but his heartfelt certainty they were destined to be together. While he was well aware, with her schedule and commitments, it would be difficult for her to respond to him in as timely a manner as he might wish, he was entirely unprepared for the stark reality of her response when, at length, it arrived.

Said response took the form of an unctuous man, considerably lacking in any understanding of social graces, who returned to him each and every one of his missives along with a cease-and-desist order admonishing him to write no further letters. The man left no room for doubt further legal actions of a much less passive nature would be brought to bear if he saw fit to disregard the gentle prodding of the order.

Rather than constituting the voice of reason…the ice-cold water in the face of reality, the order had ignited with Derek a raging inferno. He realized he would never be able to overcome the arbitrary obstacles placed between him and the potential love of his life.

Across the street, he saw movement and was galvanized into action. He knew she would be accompanied by her two omnipresent bodyguards and had planned appropriately. The firearms he had chosen offered the maximum rate of fire and damage possible. They fell in a hail of bullets offering no obstacle to him whatsoever.

He focused his attention and the remainder of his ammunition on her. Tears streamed down his face as he watched his beloved jerk and spasm in the bloody dance of death that guaranteed, quite irrevocably, that if she were never to be his to love then she would never be loved by anyone else either.

This story was written for the weekly Mid-Week Blues-Buster flash fiction challenge and is loosely based on the song Images of Heaven by Peter Godwin.


  1. I like how the prompt songs can be interpreted as we wish...loosely or not! I loved this.

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