Friday, February 14, 2014

Sangria Solace

Copyright  - Janet Webb
Celia emerged from the bedroom in her favorite flannel pajamas and her bears’-feet slippers. Lowering the lighting, she flipped on some soft jazz on her way to the kitchenette. Taking down a glass she filled it near overflowing with the ruby goodness of her homemade sangria.

What a delicious alternative it was to Stephen. He had been acerbic, hot-tempered and strident. He had also once been her lover and fiancé. While she might never have his love, companionship or respect, she did have the solace of sweet red wine to make his memory a distant and indistinct thing at best.

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers flash fiction photo prompt.


  1. She seems a strong person, too good for him by far. She wins. Great portrayal. If I were a woman I would want to be Celia.

  2. The wine I'm sure is much better company. Nice work.

  3. Good description making a good story. She's a determined lady. At least she didn't kill him. There's been a lot of that going around.

  4. looks like she is better of with her homemade sangria - good for her, nice little story!

  5. Dear Jeffrey,

    She's moved on and sounds comfortable with her decisions. Nice one.



  6. Celia is smart and Stephen stupid. She sounds like a lot of fun but, he had his chance. Good story - thanks! Nan

  7. I know EXACTLY how she feels!