Friday, February 21, 2014

With a Single Step

Thanks to the new-millennium tools of telecommuting, virtual baking, online bill payment and such Eldon had felt no pressing need to leave his home since the beginning of summer.

Despite what his therapist had said of his need to get out, to walk, to lose his anxiety in physical exertion he had found it beyond him to follow that plan. The cool, quiet darkness of his home was so much more inviting and so much less intimidating. When the errant sunbeam broke through the cover of the trees surrounding his home that morning, he realized he must go out and embrace the light or condemn himself to a non-existence of darkness and isolation forever.

Squaring his shoulders, marshalling his will and trying desperately to tamp down the trepidation coursing through him, he opened the door and took his first tentative steps on the perilous journey to wellness.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction photo/word prompt: sunshine.


  1. nice, oh the peril of Agoraphobia - kudos on your character for trying to get over it, well done story!

  2. I must get back into some FSF...
    I understand, only too well, the desire not to socialise in 'real life', I prefer the online kind! Still, that ray of sunshine is something to savour and enjoy!

  3. SO many gems can be found with Five Sentence Fiction.

  4. Well written. Wellness needs a god dose of sunshine!