Thursday, March 6, 2014

Leaving the Nest

While Cecily had, certainly, not expected to receive her parents’ full support for her decision to move out, she had been quite unprepared for the unbridled anger and fury they manifested. They seemed well-prepared with an impressive litany of objections, oppositions and challenges to her choice.

No, she agreed, she did not know the best type of tree for her and Gordon to build their first nest in. True, she had not determined whether there would be a readily-available source of insects, worms and such for the young couple to survive on.

When her parents had, at length, ranted and raved at her beyond her ability to take even a single second more of it, she decided she had naught to lose as she took wing and flew away until she could no longer hear their disapproving voices at all.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction photo and word prompt: furious.


  1. My daughter will be leaving the nest next fall to go to college. I hope I can let her go with grace:) Great little piece of writing-I liked it a lot!

  2. What a wonderful story,I love it.

  3. Parents find it difficult to accept that their little ones can take their own decisions.