Friday, July 3, 2015

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Dante Edmonds dropped anchor and surveyed the surrounding area thoroughly. The last thing he needed at this juncture was unwelcome attention from a coastal patrol vessel or from any manner of law enforcement.

Having regained his freedom, he vowed he would never be so confined ever again. He wasn’t na├»ve enough to believe he was the first man imprisoned for selling antiquities of questionable provenance, but to have been betrayed by a man he’d trusted had been the more grievous blow. This was a lesson the rightful owner of this boat and its contents should have learned sooner. Edmonds had taken the first opportunity to eliminate him, casting his lifeless body overboard.

As darkness fell, he went below decks and retrieved the heavy ordnance containers. Priming the contents of each for use, he returned to his surveillance of the sprawling mansion complex. The grounds were well-populated for the party only now beginning.

Given the relatively short range of his weapons and the fact his mission was initially intended to be carried out by two men, the timing would be tight. Raising the anchor, he gunned the powerful engines, moving as close in as possible without running aground.

Leaping from the pilothouse to the deck, he fired one after another of the heavy antitank missiles into the various visible structures. As he motored away from the burning rubble and carnage, he had no assurance he had definitely eliminated his betrayer but it was, all in all, still a good day’s work. 

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday flash fiction writing challenge.

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