Monday Mixer

Welcome to the latest round of the new and improved Monday Mixer Flash Fiction Writing Challenge. The rules are hard and fast but intended to emulate the terms and conditions writers have a reasonable chance of encountering when submitting a work for potential publication. To increase the opportunity for potential entrants to participate, I have extended the window of submission to one full week and increased the required word count to make it easier to incorporate the challenge words without feeling quite as pressured. All previous rules remain the same for those who have participated before.


  • Monday Mixer is a flash fiction challenge. All entries must be 250 words. (no more & no less) If the entry is titled, the title is not considered part of the word count.
  • The contest will run on Mondays beginning at 00:01 AM EST with a deadline of the following Sunday at midnight EST. Challenge words will be posted on the preceding Sunday at an unspecified time (just to keep things interesting). 
  • All entries must incorporate a noun, a verb and an adjective (one from each group) and the prompt word MUST appear in the story as the part of speech listed in the prompts. The prompt words may appear anywhere in the submission and do not need to be used in any particular order. Verbs may appear in any tense desired. Entries failing to meet these criteria may be disqualified.
  • Entries may be in any genre but NO graphic sexual content/pornography will be allowed. Entries containing such will be disqualified and deleted.
  • Entries will be posted via the InLinkz click button below. Entrants who do not have either a web page or blog are solely responsible for finding someone to host their entry
  • The judge will select an Overall Winner, Best Use of Prompts and two Honorable Mentions. Overall Winner (This is self-explanatory), Best Use of Prompts (The entry that, in the judge's opinion, incorporated the prompt words most skillfully) and Honorable Mentions (These are the "close but no cigar") entries.
  • The judge will additionally have the OPTION to select an Over-Achiever  (an Over-Achiever is defined as an entry incorporating five or more prompt words.) Entries wishing to be considered for the Over-Achiever win must identify their entries as such at the conclusion of the entry. NOTE: The judge does not HAVE to choose an Over-Achiever if, in the judge's opinion, the quality of the entry suffers from the effort of shoe-horning in too many prompts.
  • One entry allowed per entrant per week. No entry may win in more than one category.

For convenience sake all prompt words are hyper-linked to their definition. In the event a word has multiple definitions, any one of such is acceptable as long as it refers to the same part of speech. Entries that do not include a minimum of three prompt words used as the correct part of speech are not eligible for any badge or prize offered.

Nouns:         1) panoply    2) miasma      3) geode

Verbs:          1) enervate   2) vacillate     3) stipple

Adjectives:  1) malleable  2) germane    3) taciturn